FMCW lidar properties

  • Doppler Information

    Each pixel point is returned with the motion information of the object

  • Anti-crosstalk

    Specific coding for each lidar to avoid mutual interference

  • Resistant to harsh environments

    150 m detection range in heavy rain

   The Self-Homodyne laser radar would be able to achieve 4D laser point cloud output, which effectively means that each output point cloud would not only carry distance information, but would also carry target’s Doppler information. This would help to achieve detection of moving targets and effectively improve automatic driving safety and working distance.

   AODTBJ’s Self-Homodyne laser radar uses the core patented coherent detection technology and pseudo-random phase coding technology. This will be different from the traditional FMCW lidar and pseudo-random phase coding technology, as it only needs to perform "1010" phase coding on the laser, which can ensure that each lidar has its own unique "ID" information and realizes the identification of its own transmitted signal. At the same time, the use of pseudo-random phase coding technology can solve the problem of the traditional FMCW technology requiring extremely high linearity of laser signal modulation, and makes the system have excellent applicability for temperature and environment, which is more conducive to the use of automobiles.












Technical indicators:

Laser wavelength:

Laser power:

Point cloud frequency:

Scanning field of view:

Scanning speed:

Ranging accuracy:

Speed measurement accuracy:

Detection distance:


Power consumption:




80° × 40° (Openable)

40 lines 10Hz

<5cm (120m)

<0.1m/s (120m)





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